Just a few of the products available from Keep Out Services

Burglar / Fire Alarm System

Standard features
     found in all our systems

Optional features
     available extras

PERS Console
Personal Emergency Response System Live at home, confident that should you need it, help is just a button press away. Learn more...
Nannycam Covert cameras keep an eye out, even when you are away. Learn more... Call 501 664 6789 to order.



* Cable & Satellite TV Wiring
 *  Telephone Wiring 
*  Computer Networking Wiring
 *  In-home Integrated TV Systems
*  High Speed Internet Access on every computer

...and bundled cabling to do it all!

Telephone Systems

Sophisticated whole-house telephone system with features such as:
*  Built-in phone directories
 *  Station-to-station or page all intercom
*  Speakers to answer the door
 *  Built-in Caller ID
*  Speaker phones


Intercom systems

Whole-house music/intercom systems with basic features such as:
*  AM/FM radio throughout the house
 *  Room to room intercom
*Door answer
* Smart styling

Closed Circuit Video Systems

View your cameras from anywhere in the world

Check out this line of camera and video equipment

Multiple cameras inside or outside the house with the ability to:
*  View the camera's scene from any TV in the house
 *  View the scenes from anywhere in the world through the internet
Door Video/Intercom Systems See and talk to visitors before answering the door
Aiphone JM