Various levels of alarm monitoring service

Standard basic monitoring using the existing phone lines -

Using the standard phone lines coming into the house or business, the alarm panel sends a signal to our central station operator, who will then notify the proper  authorities. Phone service may be from the usual A T & T, Comcast or cable, or Vontage VOIP phones.  If you change phones services, please call us to come and test your alarm system to make sure it is working properly.  This is the least expensive type of monitoring (usually $22.00 - $25.00 per month.)

Alarm monitoring using the cellular digital data services -

For alarm customers that don't have phone lines, or want back protection in case the phone lines are damaged, we offer digital cellular data monitoring.  This device is wired into your alarm control, and continues to stay in contact with our monitoring facilities no matter what the condition your phone lines.  For those that use only a cell phone instead of the traditional phone service, this is a must.  This important service adds a small fee to your monthly monitoring charge, but the service and peace of mind is priceless. View more information,,,

Alarm monitoring and control via the Internet -

For those who want the next step in convenience and control, we offer you the service as an added feature to your alarm system.  This feature gives the owner full control over his alarm system from anywhere in the world.  You can view the state of your security system, arm or disarm the system remotely, and check the history of your system.  For a small monthly fee, you can have total control over your protection. View more information...




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